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  • Discover the true purpose of an affirmation. It's not what you think. (page 2)
  • How you can create affirmations that will work for you. Affirmations always work, however not in the way you expect unless they're created correctly. (page 3)
  • How often you need to recite affirmations for maximum effect. Should you speak them out loud or not? (page 13)
  • Different ways you can use affirmations to boost their effectiveness even more. Yes, turbo charging your affirmations embed them in your subconscious even quicker. (page 13)
  • Common challenges everyone faces using affirmations and how you can easily overcome them. These challenges lead many people to assume, incorrectly, that affirmations don't work for them. (page 14)
  • Sample affirmations for love, money, weight loss, stress relief, good health and success. Use these as a template for your own powerful affirmations. (page 16)

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