Why I Am The Affirmation Angel

I'm not a guru or goddess and nor do I possess any magical powers that instantly have you living the life of your dreams.

I'm also not an expert on self help because I don't have any formal counselling or psychological qualifications whatsoever.

I am currently doing a Diploma of Counselling.

However, I have experienced massive successes in my life where others usually experience abysmal failure using the tools I talk about on this website.

For instance, I am a successful share trader. I confidently trade the Australian market on both the upside and downside whereas almost all people are either ignoring the fact the fact that their hard earned capital is being eroded, blaming others for their capital being eroded or simply ignoring the share market as a valid wealth creation vehicle.

I am also a successful internet marketer. My website (at the time of writing) is on page one of google for the following terms:

  • self help

  • abundance

  • affirmations

  • inspirational quotes
and probably many more.

I have also been a sufferer of depression since my teens. I was finally diagnosed and put on antidepressants in my late 30's. Now, I take no medication for depression whatsoever. I still experience bouts that from time to time which totally erodes my self esteem and confidence but I'm happy to say that I can overcome these obstacles on my own.

In fact, I'm now in my early 50's and I take no medication for anything...

These are the reasons I profess to be The Affirmation Angel and I hope to be of good service to you.

- Sharon
AKA The Self Help Queen

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