Why Dr Phil and Oprah Wouldn't Make Good Cult Leaders

by Sharon

Anyone subscribing to Live Life Now already understands that, in my opinion, one of the keys to living a happy life is taking responsibility for your own actions.

So when I received from Igor Ledochowski, master hypnotist whose course I have purchased, I thought it was worth sharing.

Igor maintains that while Dr Phil and Oprah are very influential and persuasive they wouldn't make good cult leaders.


Because they are all about taking responsibility for your own actions and then taking the time and effort required to change your ways to create the outcomes you want.

But people want quick fixes.

Enter the persuasive influencer - the cult leader.

They have you believing that the mess you're in is not your fault but that you're a victim of other people's actions. Great! There's nothing you can do therefore there is nothing to be done.

But the cult leader has just gained massive influence over you.

And guess what they're now going to persuade you to do?

They key to happiness lies within you. Yes it can take a bit of work initially, but the personal growth you'll experience makes it worth while.

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