Success Secret 7:
Take Responsibility

If You Want To Be Successful Then Take Responsibility For Your Actions.

Successful people understand that there's a huge difference between responsibility and blame. If they are victimised they don't remain victims for long.

“The great thought, the great concern, the great anxiety of men is to restrict, as much as possible, the limits of their own responsibility."

- Giosué Borsi
I'm sure you realise that there are sooo many things that are beyond your control.

In your childhood, for instance, you were at the mercy of adults - mostly your parents.

I certainly hope your childhood was a happy one but whether it was or not make sure you are not allowing your childhood to rule your adulthood.

There is great wisdom and freedom in recognising and letting go of things you can't control. At the same time there is great wisdom and freedom when you take responsibility for the things you can control.

  • taking responsibility is not about taking the blame for anything and everything
  • taking responsibility is being in control of your responses and to stop being victimised by circumstances
  • when you blame others - even if it's justified - you are giving your power away. There is great power in choosing helpful responses to circumstances otherwise you continue to remain a victim. Victims have no power.

6 Signs You Don't Take Responsibility

  1. You are never wrong.

    Even if you do listen to other people's feedback you can't see how your actions have contributed to an unpleasant situation. And this hasn't only happened once or twice............

  2. Your life is so unfair.

    If a waiter is going to forget someone's food order it'll be yours. You never get recognised for a job well done. People push in front of you in traffic. Poor you.

  3. You use someone else's bad behaviour as justification for your own.

    Do you tailgate because someone's tailgating you? Treat a salesperson badly because you were treated badly earlier in the day?

  4. You view the past through rose coloured glasses.

    You have to work towards making your future better so it is always much easier to bemoan the passing of the "good ole days".

  5. You have no idea how to make life better for yourself.

    If you believe that life is beyond your control then there is nothing you can do to make life better for you.

  6. You blame everyone else.

    It's not your fault your wife is a nag is it? The fact that your husband is a lazy slob has nothing to do with you.

Life Is Good When You Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility shifts your mindset from victim mode to control mode and trust me, that helps you live a happy life. Start driving the vehicle which is your own life and suddenly it will start to head in the direction you want it go.

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Take Responsibility Affirmations

  • I understand the difference between responsibility and blame.
  • When I am responsible it's impossible for me to be a victim.
  • There is freedom in being responsible.
  • I am responsible for my actions.
  • I am responsible and therefore I am powerful.

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