Success Secret 3:
Take Action

If You Want To Be Successful Then Take Action In The Direction Of Your Success

Successful are busy doing whatever needs to be done including getting educated and working hard.

“You see, in life, lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough! You must take action."

- Anthony Robbins
One of the criticisms of the hit movie The Secret was that it implied that thinking constantly about what you want was all that was required to attract it into your life.

I find it extraordinary that many people started to complain that the Law of Attraction was a load of rubbish because they weren't getting what they were thinking about..... I mean, really....?

  • wishing, wanting and hoping something will happen won't make it happen.
  • change happens to your inner world before it manifests in the outer world. So meditating, using affirmations, reading uplifting material and attending motivational courses are all valid actions despite how it looks to others.
  • most, not all but most, will be much better off in the long wrong run to take action before they feel 100% ready. In other words - ready, fire, aim.
  • don't be concerned about making mistakes. Just make sure any mistake you could possibly make is recoverable.
  • little actions every day equals massive action over time. Massive action produces massive change. Don't underestimate doing just a little bit each day.
  • not taking action is simply procrastination.

4 Excuses To Not Take Action

  1. I need more information.

    May be you do and may be you don't. But don't use needing more information as a cover up for being scared. Of course it's scary venturing into new territory so deal with being scared and get on with it.

  2. Feeling overwhelmed.

    Welcome the overwhelm. You're on the brink of a breakthrough. It's time to keep going - not give up! Just keep doing what needs to be done next. You'll get there.

  3. It feels uncomfortable.

    Of course it does. As you are growing and achieving your comfort zone is being stretched. Eventually what was once uncomfortable will become comfortable the more you do it. In fact, if you're not uncomfortable it means you're not stretching yourself enough.

  4. Thinking you're not smart enough.

    Yes you are! Many entrepreneurs have never finished high school. OK, so some jobs do require a certain level of education. Well quite frankly, if that's the case and you're not prepared to do the education then you can't have that particular job. Why not start questioning why you don't create your own business instead of wallowing in "not smart enough".

Winners Take Action

The losers expect everything they want to fall effortlessly into their laps. The want the easy solution to whatever ails them. This is why the internet is flooded with products such as:

  • Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise Or Changing Your Eating Habits
  • Get Millions Of Dollars Deposited To Your Bank Account While You're Sleeping

People buy them and then wonder why they are still abject failures.

The winners are prepared to fail over and over again until they win. Show me a winner that's never experienced failure.

Nothing will kill your abundance, prosperity and success more than not being prepared to do whatever it takes. Taking action is one of the major secrets to living a happy life.

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Take Action Affirmations

  • My actions determine my results.
  • I do whatever it takes to achieve my goal.
  • I keep going even when I have setbacks.
  • I am an action taker regardless of how I feel.
  • I am always moving forward.
  • I stay stuck until I take action.
  • Even when I fail I don't give up.

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