Subliminal Messaging
- The Truth

Subliminal messaging on mp3s are spreading like wildfire online, it now seems like every self help expert is making their own range, every hypnosis website has a selection.

What's even worse is there are some ridiculous statements being thrown around about subliminal audio. Things such as:

  • they are instantaneous
  • they are 100% effortless and you don't need to do anything yourself
  • you can learn a German while you sleep
  • you can seduce a potential partner without them knowing

It is a shame there is so much incorrect information out there as if it is used with an open mind and positive attitude, and with grounded expectations then it can actually provide some awesome benefits, and in many cases help to transform your life.

The key word here being HELP.

The above crazy claims all have one thing in common - they claim subliminal messaging will do all of it for you - this couldn't be further from the truth.

It is just a tool to assist you. It will help support your goals, refocus the mind and give you a thrust in the right direction nonetheless it won't do it all on it's own.

To give an actual example it can boost your motivation but will not boost your motivation right away. It will even help you to lose some weight, however it won't happen right away and you will still have to watch what you eat and do some exercise.

The way it works is simple - the messages progressively get into your unconscious mind to sculpt your thoughts, patterns of thinking, and your core self beliefs. With time the messages build-up and align your unconscious mind to your objectives and desires and provide you with the best chance of doing well.

If you want the real thing and to avoid the wild claims then try SubliminalMP3s. They are a very widely trusted source of subliminal audio who have been making subliminals for over 4 years now - predating all of these wild promises, exaggerations, and blatant nonsense.

They offer reliable, proven subliminal audio, and the best thing is that they give away 3 free albums and an eBook which exposes more of these wild claims, and gives a more down to earth view on how subliminal messages actually work, and how you can use them to improve your life..

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