Does Stress Affect Health?

Uncontrolled Stress Will Manifest Physically To Erode Health. Exactly How Does Stress Affect Health?

First, just let me say that stress is an unavoidable part of life. It is virtually impossible to eliminate stress entirely.

In fact, a little stress isn't a bad thing. Without it we wouldn't feel the urge to get anything done, try new things or reach our goals. Healthy stress keeps us motivated to continually seek and attract abundance to our lives.

Stress also keeps us alert to dangers in our physical environment. If we are in unfamiliar and scary circumstances, walking alone down a dark and deserted street for instance, our bodies release hormones and chemicals that make us more alert and ready to run to safety at a moments notice.

It's not stress itself that is damaging. It is too much stress that does the damage and in extreme cases leads to anxiety. Anxiety is a constant feeling of stress even if there is nothing to feel stressed about.

The same hormones and chemicals that motivate and alert us to danger can cause devastating health effects if we are exposed to them for prolonged periods of time.

If left to get out of control the effects of stress include:

  • sleeping disorders
  • fatigue
  • chest pains
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • ....and the list goes on....

Over the long term stress:

  • accelerates the aging process
  • plays havoc with your immune system
  • causes colds, headaches, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more.

Estimates indicate that 85% of doctor's visits are for issues that have their roots in stress.

Given that stress has the potential to be utterly devastating it is good news that there are many steps you can take to prevent stress related illness.

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