Stop Blaming - Be Responsible

I have a confession. I'm not The Self Help Queen 24/7. For a few hours on most days I moonlight as a telemarketer for one of the major Australian charities selling raffle tickets to win million dollar homes.

While I'm sad to say that telemarketers rate lower than politicians and used car salesman in a survey on trustworthy professions that's not what this short, but extremely valuable article is about.

You see, I am not the best telemarketer in the organisation (surprising I know). And, ashamed as I am to admit it, I have started a "blame-fest" when I'm not reaching my sales target.

So what or who have I blamed when down on my sales? Well, just about anything really.

  • "the pile I've got is rubbish"

  • "the script is awful"

  • "the list has been flogged to death"

  • "no one has got money to buy"

  • ... and so on ...

Now, being The Self Help Queen I wouldn't be setting you a very good example if I didn't let you on a secret that I've used so that MOST of the time I do reach my targets.

First, I stop the "blame-fest" and get on the phone! I simply dial so that I have more people to sell to. The more people you try to sell the more buyers you'll get.

Second, I'm a perpetual student. I listen to other telemarketers, I ask them what works for them. I eavesdrop on their conversations to listen to exactly what they say and, more importantly, how they say it.

You see, when I become responsible for my own outcomes I become more powerful because I have choices.

There's no power in blaming "the pile" or "the list" because all that does is demotivate me from getting on the phone (the very thing that often guarantees I'll meet my target).

One of my happiness tips in my on going series on How To Be Happy is to be responsible. That doesn't mean taking the blame because taking the blame and being responsible are two totally different things.

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Are there areas in your life where you could be responsible and wrestle back some control and power?

I'd love to hear form you.

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