Six Self-empowered Success Strategies

by Kaya Singer
(The World Wide Web)

Do you have a strong desire to become more successful? Being successful can mean different things for different folks but the obstacles to get there seem to be similar across the board. These six gems can help you to overcome any obstacles to your success regardless of your goals or challenges. As you read through you will be reminded of your own personal habits, patterns and ways of being.

  1. Be determined.

    Make a decision to go all the way to the top. If you are not sure where the top is, imagine where you want to go and envision a place even beyond there. This new place may feel less comfortable and maybe a bit scary. Most people stay where it feels safe., and yet, real success requires determination not safety. Go past that familiar place and reach for what you really want. We are creatures of habit and without determination we will stay where we have always been. Nothing is wrong with that, but know that you are making a choice. It might be scary and it might push you to learn new skills and systems but if you are determined you will go for it.

  2. Recognize what is holding you back.

  3. Most people know what it is that is holding them back, and if they stop and quiet their minds enough to listen, they will hear, but sometimes, someone else's objectivity will see easier than you can see yourself. It could be a skill you need to learn, a quality you need to develop, or an action you need to take. Find out what it and acknowledge and name it. Once something is named it is the first step to gaining power over it.

  4. Surround yourself with positive people.

    Jim Rohn says. "You are a culmination of the 5 people you spend the most time with." Would you rather feel inspired by the people you hang out with or do you like hearing people complain or be negative. We are a culture of complainers and blamers. If you hang out with negative people then it will effect your own state of mind. Negativity will trigger your own fear and
    make you feel either frozen or stuck. Positive energy is contagious and will make you feel joyful and
    happy. Which do you choose? Do you complain when things don't go right or do you look for solutions? Be a positive person yourself and your positive state of mind will spread to everyone you touch.

  5. Be healthy.

    That old saying, "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything." is true. Healthy diet, eliminating addictions, and exercising will keep you vitalized, balanced, and stress free. Your energy will be amazing and your productivity will grow. Eat organic food, drink lots of water, breath fresh air, swim, walk, ride your bike and you will notice your creativity increase and yourenergy for running your business will multiply.

  6. Create an uncluttered and attractive work space.

    Have a look at your office or work area. Does it feel good or do you feel distracted when you are in this space? Like cooking in a messy kitchen; you can do it but very inefficiently, and the quality of the food that is produced will be less vibrant. Know what your style is. Some people need to have everything neat and put away and others work better with papers spread
    out. If you are the spread out type then make sure you have big desk space. While sitting at your desk, notice what is on the wall directly in front of you. This is where your eyes will wander throughout the day. Put an inspiring painting or photograph in that space. It will help keep you centered and will support your creativity.

  7. Keep your commitments to people.

    Relationships are the cornerstone of running a business. Business is all about relationships. Treat your staff the way you would want to be treated. Take time to have lunch with peers. Initiate. Call people back, say thank-you, give appreciation, and offer help. It will come back to you multiplied.

Kaya Singer, MS owns Awakening Business Solutions. She helps small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs turn their actions into successful business ventures and attract right clients. She teaches that is possible to have purpose and prosperity. She can be reached at 503-493-1199

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