Simple Tips For A Happy Marriage

by Sharon

With the number of divorces these days it seems that not too many people are interested in their marriages' long term success. Having a happy marriage takes some effort to maintain over the long term.

If a happy marriage is important to you there are some simple steps you can take to ensure your fulfillment within the marital relationship.

  • Accept your partner has faults.

    Allow them to be exactly who they are within the safety of the marriage. Show them that even though you may not be interested in exactly the same things that you are interested in them fulfilling their passions.

    They, in turn, should do the same for you which would make for some interesting dinner conversations as you bring each other up to date with what's happening in your life.

    When the do things that are annoying you, just get out of their way instead of having major fights over trivialities.

  • Compromise every now and again.

    Make sure you do things your partner wants to do for no other reason than it's what they want to do. It will make them feel that what they want is important to you.

  • Go 50/50 on chores.

    Don't allow just one person to do all the boring, mundane things that need to get done around a household. They'll just resent it. Of course, if one of you is not working or works less hours then 50/50 is probably not fair.

    Regardless, remember that you're a partnership and if you happen to be the major breadwinner it doesn't mean you get to treat the one at home as your personal domestic slave.

  • Show your appreciation.

    Let your partner know you appreciate them. Even something simple as saying thank you for the dinner they cooked or the mopping they did. After all if they hadn't done it who would have? And aren't you grateful you didn't have to do it?

    Small gifts go a long way too.

Achieving a happy marriage shouldn't be complicated if you both are heading in the same direction and are willing to be supportive of your partner. In fact, your partner should enhance your life, not detract. Similarly, you should enhance your partner's life and not detract from it.

Do you have any other tips for a happy marriage?

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