Success Secret 8:
Set Goals

If You Want To Be Successful Then Set Goals And Achieve Them

Successful people know that setting goals saves them from unwelcome distractions.

“Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible."

- Doug Larson
Goals are stepping stones to your dreams which, in turn, are stepping stones to your all-encompassing vision of how you want your life to look and be.

Your dreams are your desired outcomes for particular areas of your life eg health, relationships, financial etc.

I believe that anything you can dream about you can achieve - but only if you lay down your stepping stones - your goals.

  • at first you will probably be unaware of all the goals you need to set to achieve your dream. They'll become obvious as you make progress
  • set goals when necessary because this is the difference between you and everyone else who gives up on their dream when it all becomes too hard.
  • when your goals seem large and insurmountable start spending more time focussing on your dream. This will give you some much needed motivation.
  • dreams without goals are only pipe dreams or day dreams and will remain completely beyond your reach
  • goals are not motivating at all. The dream is the motivation behind the goal

6 Reasons People Don't Set Goals

  1. Have no compelling dream.

    Your dream has to be big enough in order to make setting goals and achieving them worth while. So you need to dream big! Limiting yourself by dreaming small serves no purpose to you or to the world.

  2. They don't believe they can achieve their dream.

    If you're capable of dreaming it you're capable of doing it. What may be holding you back probably has more to do with your self esteem and confidence than your current capabilities and your future capabilities.

  3. Focus on the hard work required.

    When you experience feelings of overwhelm and confusion because of the sheer amount of effort required to achieve your goals it's time to switch focus over to your dream. Gaining clarity on why you're doing something is great for your motivation.

  4. Fear of failure.

    If there is one thing I know for sure it is that you will experience failure along the way. Failing every so often in achieving a goal is not the problem. Giving up on your dream is the only true failure. If one of your goals is truly insurmountable you will need to either find a different path to your dream or modify your dream to some degree.

  5. Too attached to the specifics of their dream.

    You may dream about being in a wonderful relationship with a specific individual - perhaps a celebrity or an ex for instance. You may want to be a famous rock star or a great tennis player. For obvious reasons these dreams may be unattainable.

    The reason people have dreams is because of the way they'll feel when they're achieved. When you realise that the same feelings can be invoked by other means the world can suddenly be your oyster. For example, you may not be able to have a relationship with the person you think you want one with, but you can have another that's just as good. You may not be a famous rock star but you could manage or produce one. You may not be a famous tennis player but you could pay for and encourage aspiring players from poor backgrounds to become one.

  6. The dream is too big.

    Actually, the dream needs be big. If it's not big enough you won't set goals to achieve it. When the dream is big, it means there's plenty of room to fail and there's many paths to achievement.

Set Goals To Achieve Your Dreams

It's a tragedy that too many people fall short of the of what they are capable of achieving. Back yourself by setting some solid goals to step you forward towards your dreams. You will become a happier version of you and when you live life happy the world becomes a much better place for all of us! (It's true.)

Don't worry about the time it will take to achieve your dreams. Go for them anyway. When you achieve a dream it's time to make another dream. Never stop yourself from living a bigger and better life.

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Set Goals Affirmations

  • My goals are my stepping stones towards my dreams.
  • My goals keep me focussed.
  • I set small goals and tick them off as I achieve them.
  • Each small goal I achieve takes me closer to my dreams.
  • All achievers set goals.
  • I don't beat myself up about unachieved goals. I just refocus myself to achieve them.
  • I commit my goals to paper.

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