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Affirmations don't do what you say they do!!!! 
I know what you say about affirmations are a lie and it's ridiculous to think otherwise. After all I want to be an astronaut. Ha ha self help queen, your …

How can I rise above the nasty people I work with? 
Hi Sharon - I love your site! My issue is that I am surrounded by nasty, sarcastic and sometimes, just downright mean people at work. If I was responsible …

No Act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted; Aesop 
What is the meaning behind this quote? Is there a story behind this? Sharon's reply I think the meaning behind the quote is that no matter who …

Does the law of attraction mean we should blame the victims? 
One of my friends had her house broken in to the other night while her and her family were sleeping. The intruder got in through an unlocked garage door. …

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