Resistance and Fear: The Number One Reason You Fail To Attract The Abundance You Deserve

by Sharon

Did you know everybody's number one subconscious goal is to feel safe and comfortable? For most of us this means:

  • maintaining the status quo

  • having an aversion to doing anything perceived as risk taking

  • immediately stopping an activity when it becomes uncomfortable to continue

Whenever you believe your safety and comfort are being compromised:

  • your mind screams out for you to STOP doing whatever it is you're doing

At this point you have two choices:

  1. continue doing what your doing which means eventually that what now feels unsafe and uncomfortable will become safe and comfortable

  2. stop and retreat back into what feels safe and comfortable.

Which of these two choices do you think attracts more abundance, prosperity and success to your life?

  • YES, number 1! You can absolutely live the life you desire, but only if you're willing to step away from what feels comfortable and safe now towards what feels uncomfortable and risky.

    • and taking little steps at a time is fine. In fact, I've found that people who go for broke tend to burn out quickly because they take ill considered, stupid risks (as opposed to calculated risks) and as a result snap back into their original comfort zones refusing to grow any more because they "already tried that and it didn't work...."

Remaining in your comfort zone is what I call resistance (or fear if you prefer) and is REALLY REALLY good at killing the flow of abundance, prosperity and success that would otherwise flow to you naturally and effortlessly.

So what EXACTLY is resistance?

  • it screams for you to STOP doing whatever you're doing when you begin to feel uncomfortable.

  • it is an unwillingness to accept "what is" accompanied by a belief that things "should be" what you think they should be according to your judgement.

    This disconnect between "what is" and how things "should be" is a source of many negative emotions such as anger, confusion, overwhelm, stress etc etc

  • resistance is like struggling against a rip current to get to shore. (Do you know what a rip current is? If you don't google it.)

    It seems that the best thing to do is to swim towards the shore but even the most strongest of swimmers will tire rapidly and drown unless they're saved.

    you're in a rip current and you're a good swimmer you can stop yourself being carried out to sea by swimming parallel to the shore. If you're not a good swimmer your best bet is just float with the current and raise your arm to signal you need help.

    So, good swimmer or not, resisting (struggling against) the rip current is guaranteed to fail.

In life, resistance is futile.

  • yet people will continue to struggle (resist) because it seems the logical thing to do

  • don't make the common mistake of confusing activity with achieving!

  • believe that if you are capable of wanting something then you are certainly capable of achieving what you want

  • there are only EVER 2 reasons why you don't have what you want

    1. you don't yet know everything you need to know in order to get it (so go do some learning). OR

    2. you do know what to do or at least know how and where to start BUT you're not doing what you need to do(so go and do it for heavens sake)

Do you need to know how to melt the resistance that literally forces you to self sabotage yourself?

You can melt the resistance with words - after all resistance is created out of words. There's that voice in your head spouting out all its nonsense that you mistake for facts! Words are powerful creation tools and you can use them to create the person you want to become.

All the words you think and speak from now will create who you will become in the future..

So don't be the person thrashing about in the rip current trying to change the way the rip current behaves so they can get back to shore.

Accept the fact that you are more than capable of having the abundance, prosperity and success you want and that perhaps there may be some things that you are doing to resist the flow that is trying to come your way.

Simply subscribe to Hooked On Happiness to gain instant access to secrets you can implement immediately to melt resistance so that you begin attracting the abundance, prosperity and success you deserve.

I recommend meditation as a very effective tool for dealing with resistance too. It has worked well for me.

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