Relationship Advice

OK, your relationship is in trouble and you want it fixed. I may be able to help by compiling this list of articles that has some good relationship advice.

Please remember that most relationships can be saved, but you need to be asking yourself if your relationship is worth saving. The answer will, of course, depend on your particular circumstances.

Everyone (and that means you) deserves to feel valued, appreciated and actively encouraged to pursue their passions. If your partner (or ex) actively tries to tear down your self confidence or self esteem and stomps all over your dreams he/she doesn't deserve you and, in my opinion, you should not try to save the relationship.

On the other hand you cannot expect your partner to give you what you won't give to yourself. In other words any relationship you have will always be unsatisfactory if you expect that any confidence or self esteem issues you have will be rectified when you have the "right" relationship.

No one but you can know whether your relationship is worth saving or not. The relationship advice offered here will get you thinking and perhaps offer some perspective you haven't thought of before.

Tips On Getting Over A Breakup It's never easy deciding a relationship is over. Even more hurtful is if it was your partner that ended it. Either way, the articles here will give some tips about moving on.

Save A Relationship Or Get Your Ex Back Whether you want to save a relationship that is heading for the ditch or you have decided you want to get your ex back and rebuild the failed relationship advice contained here may be helpful.

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