What Is Mindset?

How Does It Relate To Your Abundance, Prosperity and Success?

Mindset is a set of beliefs and assumptions that determines your view of the world and how you'll react in various situations and circumstances.

Often these beliefs and assumptions are beyond your conscious awareness which means that a large part of your life is run on automatic pilot.

This is not necessarily a problem because you don't want or need to be analysing every single little thing you do.....

However, if you are experiencing lack in some area of your life it could be that you are repelling situations and circumstances that would otherwise naturally allow abundance to flow to you.

This happens a lot in relation to the topic of money.

Most people want more money and yet can never seem to attract it, or if they do, spend it quicker than it came in.

Let's face it most people could sit down and talk to Warren Buffett, Donald Trump and Richard Branson and still not be able to make anything but excuses as to why they can't make money!

But it's not ONLY money. It's relationships, health - everything!

The question is whether your mindset is helpful or unhelpful in those areas. The fact of the matter is that if you are not seeing the results you want it's unhelpful and it is time for a change of beliefs.

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