Make Money Writing

With Little More Than An Internet Connection And Computer You Can Make Money Writing.

Do you think you need to be a top-selling author to make money writing? The next J K Rowling perhaps. Or even a Maeve Binchy.

Well you don't have to be. You can earn good money right now writing for others (in between writing the next best seller).

You see, many people including top internet marketers are always looking for content for websites and ebooks. They have the ideas and the knowledge but just can't seem to get these ideas out of their heads into a form that is coherent for an article or ebook.

Many also simply don't have the time as they are so busy thinking about what their next money spinner is going to be.

Enter you - a talented writer. You can write the stuff they need for them and allow them to take the credit for authorship. That's what ghostwriting is. You write something for them, get paid and let them worry about how and where to sell it.

I'm sure you realize that there are many autobiographies written by movie stars, athletes, politicians etc. Do you really think they wrote it all themselves? I'm thinking NOT.

In another section of this website I've mentioned places where webmasters can get content - PLR or private label rights and there's absolutely no reason why you can't provide webmasters with PLR.

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