How To Make A Website

Turn Your Passion Into A Profitable Home Business By Learning How To Make A Website.

One way to wealth abundance is to decide to use what you are already passionate about and figure a way to make money from that passion.

So think hobby - what do you love doing in your spare time? Unless you have some weird, obscure hobby it's possible you could start a website business based on that hobby.

What about some particular skill you have? Lots of money can, and will continue to be made, showing people how to solve some sort of common, annoying problem. How to stop a baby crying, how to get rid of acne, how to ___________ (you fill in the blank). If you know the answer to something you can always make a website about it that can be extremely profitable for you.

What You'll Need To Make A Website

Learning how to make a website is extremely daunting for newbies. After all, you want to make it profitable don't you?

Some of the things you need to do are:

  • Keyword Research

    Your website will never be profitable if people never visit. In internet terms this is traffic. You need traffic to your website if you ever hope to earn money.

    Presumably you don't have a limitless advertising budget so getting free traffic is paramount to begin with. And free traffic comes from search engines such as Google.

    When people are looking for information they go to their favourite search engine and type in their query. This query is known as a keyword. So, we need to know if searchers are looking for information on our potential area of expertise by using tools to discover what they are searching for.

  • HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language

    HTML is the language in which web pages are written. Wrapping, images, bolding, underlining etc etc all have a special html code that is deciphered to display the web page exactly as you want.

    Whilst html is not difficult for anyone with a programming background it can be quite difficult for novices.

    The good news is that you don't necessarily have to know much about html in order to be successful with your own website (unless, of course, your website is about teaching people html).

  • Domain Naming and Hosting

    Then there's registering a domain name (getting your website address), getting your website hosted (making it available) and uploading your html to the host.

    This is not difficult to do, but if you're just starting out it can be overwhelming (not to mention boring unless this is what your are passionate about).

  • List Building and Autoresponders

    So, you've managed to create your website, given it a name and uploaded it to a host. You've used some killer keywords and the traffic floods in. Good on you! That's exactly what we're hoping for.

    The problem is that people usually won't buy from the first time. Perhaps they want to see what your competitors have to offer. Maybe they don't have their visa cards handy. Or maybe they are suspicious of you because they don't know you yet.

    Whatever the reason you want to be able to contact them again so that you can remind them how awesome your product is.

    That means building a list and maintaining contact with previous visitors using email. You need an autoresponder.

    Most autoresponders on the market are reasonably priced from $10-$20 per month - maybe more if you have thousands of subscribers. But the issue may be that after paying for web hosting and keyword research you may not have the money to incorporate an autoresponder into your business at this stage.

  • Web Site Content

    Obviously you are going to need something for your visitors to read. If you're a newbie you may not have heard the catch cry content is king. You need to engage your visitors to keep them on your site because it's rumoured that Google notices how long people stay and may take that into account with search engine rankings.

    So you will need web site content. Don't worry though, you don't have to write it all yourself unless you want to.

As you can see there's a lot to learn for how to make a website. There are many ratholes and dead ends that can be followed!

When I first looked into turning my passion (which is personal development) into a website I wasted much time and money looking for solutions to all these issues.

It became very frustrating because I was not interested in all the techie stuff anyway. I just wanted to write about personal development and abundance and find some great products to promote. Instead I was spending weeks and weeks doing crap.

Eventually I came across SBI! or Solo Build It. Now I'm not saying that SBI! is the best choice out there but for only $300 dollars per year it solves most of the problems a newbie is likely to have.

SBI comes with a great keyword research tool, unlimited autoresponders, web hosting and a website builder thereby eliminating the need to know html (although knowing html can make things easier for you).

When you think that getting an autoresponder alone would cost you a minimum of $120 I think $300 is good value considering the add ins.

What's more important though, is that SBI! show you how to use these things effectively by taking you through step-by-step on building a profitable business. You'll know before your website is even up and running whether or not you have a chance to be profitable. If your concept is not going to be profitable you can simply research within SBI! until you find a niche that will be profitable.

So if you're new to internet marketing and have a lot to learn I cannot recommend SBI! highly enough. You will simply not get everything you need for success in your internet business anywhere else.

Watch how SBI! can walk you through the steps to make a website that is profitable by clicking here.

Of course you could always start "practising" with free websites or blogs to see whether this is something you would enjoy doing before committing any $$$ at all.

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