Lose Weight Successfully

Knowing How To Lose Weight Successfully Involves More Than Exercise and Diet

how to lose weight successfullyReaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for our health abundance. Obesity severely restricts quality of life because fitness levels are so low that maintaining a moderate level of activity becomes impossible.

However, what's worse - obesity puts health at extreme risk. The prevalence of diseases such as cancer and diabetes are simply much higher in people who are obese than people who maintain a healthy weight.

How to lose weight successfully? is an extremely easy question to answer. Consume fewer calories than you burn. Eat less - exercise more. It's not rocket science.

But I'm guessing everyone already knows that. What you may not know is why it is so hard to do.

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What is conjured up in your mind when you think about losing weight? Here's what I used to think:

  • diet - having to cut down on food that I loved to eat and eating stuff I hated
  • stop drinking champagne that I enjoy most evenings
  • doing lots of boring exercise

Thinking this way meant weight loss was virtually impossible because my mind rebelled against the thought of lack. Lack of eating great tasting food. Lack of champagne. Lack, lack, lack.

And lack is the opposite of abundance.

So, if you want to lose weight you need to focus on the abundance. The abundance of fresh healthy food you can eat, the abundance of champagne you can still drink on occassion, the abundance of energy you'll have once those excess kilos start falling away.

Of course you'll have to follow a healthy eating plan, drink calorific drinks in moderation and increase your exercise but they are secondary to getting your mindset in the right place.

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