Increase Web Traffic By Offering Freebies Few Can Resist

Could you increase web traffic by knowing these facts?

A quick look at the adwords keyword tool shows

  • there are 68 million searches for "quotes" each month
  • "inspirational quotes" generates 1.5 million searches each month

I'm not suggesting you compete with other websites for those keywords (although you can if you want). What I am suggesting is that people love inspirational quotes and therefore it's likely that your visitors and customers love them too.

So, why not give them what they want and have them advertise your website for you for free?

How? Allow them to download inspirational quotes written on inspiring images to be used as wallpaper which you will have watermarked with your website address.

Not only will your visitors use them as wallpaper, but if they love them enough they'll share them on social network sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Some of your visitors may also be internet marketers and will link to your website in their efforts to offer their web visitors good value. They may even use them in YouTube videos.

If you can see the benefits you may purchase wallpaper here (coming soon) or get it free and more each month if you join my Inner Sanctum.

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