How Does Setting Goals Help You To Achieve Success

by Sharon

Anyone who has signed up to my ezine Life Life Now understands that goals are merely stepping stones on the way to your dreams.

Goals are NOT motivating, it is the dream that motivates you to achieve the goals. Unfortunately, while your dreams may be exciting and inspirational the day-to-day task that must be done in order to succeed in achieving your dream can be quite mundane and boring.

Having said that - setting goals to keep you on task is an extremely valuable exercise. Use the following strategies to set goals that lay the foundation for your success.

  1. Commit your dream and goals to paper.

    This ensures your dream doesn't remain in the realm of wishful thinking like most peoples dreams do and, at the same time, gives you the exact steps you need to take to achieve it.

    Tick off goals as you achieve them and be aware that some of your goals may take a while to achieve. eg Your dream may be to be a doctor but you'll have several years of study you'll have to complete first.

    So, it's a good idea to break down your goal into smaller mini goals.

  2. Focus on actions, instead of results.

    As sure as night follows day, if you do the actions required you will eventually get the results. So no matter how many times you may have to repeat the actions before achieving the required results focussing on the action will keep you getting despondent about the current lack of results.

    If you find yourself focussing on the lack of results in may mean you need to break your goals down into smaller chunks so that you can experience some successes to keep motivated.

  3. Be consistent.

    Make goal
    setting and the achievement of those goals a regular habit. Remember, tiny goals are OK too eg a goal could be as simple as studying for just one more hour.

    Once you have a roadmap in place, consistently take action in the direction of your dreams. Things likely won't go exactly as you've planned, but you can adjust your plan as you take action and receive feedback on your progress.

  4. Treat mistakes as learning experiences.

    Remember, mistakes don't mean failure. Learn from the mistakes and move forward. And don't whinge and moan about the mistakes as that does nothing but keep you entrenched in the past and you've got dreams to achieve haven't you?

    Also, nothing worth achieving will ever be easy so you'll probably make plenty of mistakes.

  5. Celebrate the achievement of every goal.

    Have a small break, take yourself to the movies, give yourself a day off for achieving small goals. When the more major goals are achieved spoil yourself even more with bigger celebrations such as day spas or a short holiday.

    Anything you love to do will serve as a celebration and make you more inclined to pursue your other goals when you give yourself a reward.

Please remember, if you were capable of formulating the dream you are more than capable of achieving it. More than likely you'll have to engage the help of others to achieve it. After all it was JFK's dream for America to be the first to travel to the moon but he didn't accomplish this all by himself.

You have a far greater capacity to accomplish your dreams than you realise yet - but take one step at a time and you will literally astound yourself with what you can achieve.

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