Poor Health - An Abundance Destroyer

If you are doing something you know jeopardises your health it's time to stop.

Working too hard, drinking or eating too much, smoking, not getting enough exercise - we all know that any of these behaviours increase the chances of getting many terrible diseases including heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Yes, we all have some long forgotten aunt in our family who lived till 87 despite smoking like a chimney or a grandfather who died peacefully in his sleep at 92 even though he was an out of control alcoholic for over half his life....

Do not use these urban myths as excuses to justify your own bad behaviour.

Nothing will compromise your experience of abundance quite as much as poor health.

If you're currently overweight it's now time to learn how to lose weight successfully.

Learn how too much stress can affect health and take steps to combat it's insidious affects.

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