Isn't Abundance Greed In Disguise?

Greedy People Will NEVER Have Enough!

Greed is an insatiable, excessive desire to accumulate and possess things and keep them for yourself regardless of whether you deserve or need them.

Greedy people grasp and grab at what they want, tend to operate in a "get them before they get me" manner and believe "there is only so much to go around".

On the other hand abundance is a state of being where there is always "more than enough".

Abundant people have no need to grasp and grab for what they want because they attract it easily and effortlessly. Their desire to accumulate and possess things is only because they believe that the more they have the more they can contribute.

Greed depletes. It fears losing everything. Forever fighting to keep what it has. Endlessly struggling to get more.

Abundance increases. It fears nothing. Constantly giving what it has. Consequently getting more.

Being greedy will do nothing except destroy your chances of achieving abundance, prosperity and success.

Please understand that being greedy doesn't make you a bad person. It is only a misunderstanding you might have about the true source of abundance - a misunderstanding that I myself had for many, many years.

I believe it's a misunderstanding borne from the mentality of getting paid for the hours you work. Within that framework there are only so many hours in a day which means your upper earning capacity is limited when you rely on working as your sole source of income.

I've go one word to say for the moment - leverage.

In the meantime if you suspect greed may be separating you from your rightful abundance make sure you grab a copy of "Shut The @@@@ Up". Details are to the right of the page.

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