Success Secret 5:
Gratitude And Appreciation

If You Want To Be Successful Then Feel Gratitude And Appreciation For What You Already Have

Successful people don't take anything thing for granted.

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has."

- Epictetus
Many people spend time focussing on everything that's wrong with their lives. It seems logical that your focus should be on what's wrong because that's what needs attention - right?

Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

Your attention should be directed towards what's right with your life.

  • don't have as much money as you'd like? Focus on the money you do have.
  • need to lose more weight. Be proud of the weight you have lost because you'll be able to lose more.
  • partner not doing what you want them to do? Show your gratitude for the things they are doing right.
  • you may have to feel gratitude for things in advance by imagining that things are to your liking.
  • feel gratitude for things you usually take for granted eg the weather, your garden, your health, your children. There are an infinite of things you can choose to be grateful for.

  • gratitude, like all feelings, is a magnet and will automatically attract to you more things to be grateful for.

6 Ways To Show Gratitude and Appreciation

  1. Smile

    When you smile at someone it is almost always will be returned. It's a great way to make you and someone else feel good.

  2. Send a note.

    A short, heartfelt note always makes someone feel great.

  3. Share the good news.

    Brag to others what someone has done for you. They'll likely hear about it and it will raise their reputation and confidence at the same time.

  4. Offer them a favour.

    Doing something for them in return shows gratitude for how they treated you. Offer to make a small contribution to their favourite charity if there's nothing you can do for them personally.

  5. Give them vouchers.

    Give them vouchers for things you'd be happy to do for them. eg a couple of hours of baby sitting, cooking dinner on a night of their choice. Possibilities limited only by your imagination and shows someone how important they are to you.

  6. Give a small but thoughtful gift.

    Give them the latest edition of their favourite magazine for instance. Chocolates or wine are a good choice if you can't think of anything else.

Gratitude And Appreciation Create Happiness

Has this been your thinking in the past?

  • "I'll be grateful when ... "
  • "I would be grateful if only ...."

If so, you're putting the cart before the horse. You want to give before you get. In fact, by projecting gratitude into the future you will never, ever have enough of what you want anyway.

Let's say, for arguments sake, you're not being grateful for the money you have because you want more money. Well, having more money will create more money problems. For example, people will expect you to give more, you'll buy more expensive things, you'll be worried you'll lose it - and the solutions to those problems will be, yes you guessed right - to have even more money!

Trust me, you'll never have enough money if you're not grateful for the money you already have and the things it has already provided for you..

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with wanting more money per se. What I am saying is that it is wrong to treat the money you have with disdain and lack of respect because all you're doing is resisting the flow of money that would otherwise be attracted to you.

And I just used money as an example. The same holds true in any area of life - relationships, health etc.

Feelings of gratitude and appreciation can be generated by you right here and now. Whatever is happening in your life is immaterial because you choose how you are going to let those external factors affect you.

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Gratitude Affirmations

  • I take time to appreciate the small things.
  • I am grateful for all my experiences, positive and negative, because they have shaped who I am.
  • I feel grateful that I am so healthy.
  • I am thankful for all the comforts I have in my life.
  • My family is a source of great joy for me.

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