Tired of Mediocre Results from Your Email Marketing Efforts?

"Transform Your Stale (or Non-Existent)
Mailing List Into A Steadily Growing, Profit-Producing, Easy-to-Manage Asset
For Your Online Business!

From: Sharon Reid
Subject: Making Profiting From eMail A Snap

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

We've all been told, "The Money is in the List," but often when we try to get that money from the list, we find that's it's just a bit more complicated than that. It would be nice if we could just put a sign-up box onto our website and the money could started rolling in. Of course, it doesn't work that way.

I know what's it like. I used to bust my butt trying to build my list and send out elaborate emails that took FOREVER to put together. But you know what? When I cut out all that nonsense, a strange thing started happening.

I started yielding MORE profit from my email lists. Wouldn't more profit from your own email marketing without a whole bunch of extra work be really nice?

But I'm Afraid To Send My Subscribers Something Different Because They Might Get Upset With Me & I've Worked So Hard To Build Their Trust

Let me ask you something...

If your subscribers trust you now, why would they lose their trust in you over a simple change in the way you send email? If anything, your subscribers are going to trust you even more!

If people unsubscribe from your mailings, it simply means that they're not interested in what you have to say - whether you're sending them a long fancy newsletter or a short note.

Think about it. When you unsubscribe from someone's list, it normally has nothing to do with the person sending the email, it's more likely that you've outgrown the content of the emails, or you're just not finding the information applicable to the things you're currently doing.

And trust me, you're not in the wrong if you send them a promotional email. You're running a business and emailing your list is not charity work - there is nothing to feel guilty about!

Your focus needs to be on the subscribers who are staying on your list. These are the ones that devour the content you send them, and take you up on your offers. So really, don't worry about hurting anyone's feelings, and certainly don't take your unsubscribes personally.

You see, growing your own profitable mailing list is about:

 Building a highly-targeted and responsive list that wants to hear what you have to say and sell. Imagine that, people who are ready and willing to open their wallets to you.

Reducing your workload and establishing easy-to-follow email marketing routines, all the while getting more results.

Increasing your sign-up rates, open rates, and ultimately your click through rates. Not sure what all that terminology means? 

Let me take you by the hand and I'll explain it all to you in my complete...

Email Marketing Course
That Shows You Exactly How to
Manage Your Income-Producing List
a Whole Lot Easier

The Email Marketing course is a system designed to help you grow your list, understand what your list really wants (including the products they want to buy), improving your communication results and maximizing your profits all through email marketing.

You'll finish my course with a plan of action to help you sustain long term success and profits.

Who is this Course Designed for?

If you are just getting started with email marketing and want to do it right -
you need the intensive training of the Email Marketing Course.

If you've been at this for a while, but are experiencing mediocre results -
you need the intensive training of the Email Marketing Course.

If you experience any type of fear of selling to your list -
you need the intensive training of the Email Marketing Course.

If you're struggling to grow your list of subscribers -
you need the intensive training of the Email Marketing Course.

If you frequently run out of ideas on what to send to your list -
you need the intensive training of the Email Marketing Course.

If you're not sure what your mailing list wants to buy -
you need the intensive training of the Email Marketing Course.

Let me tell you a bit more...

Look Inside This One-of-a-Kind
Email Marketing Course

This isn't some boring-old ebook that you skim and forget about. You're going to be rolling up your sleeves and making important changes to the way you approach and get results from your email marketing.

Here's What's Included in the
Email Marketing Course

 Comprehensive Training Guide: You'll receive 4 easy-to-digest training guides that bring you closer to your goal - Email Marketing Reform. These guides include practical solutions you can apply to your business right away. I'll even give you a sneak peek into how I approach email marketing and WHY. The study guides are in printable PDF format.

Practical Assignments to Transform Your Online Business: These assignments help you practically apply what you learn in each training guide. Your assignment should be completed as soon as you finish each guide, so you're ready for the following one. Without action, you won't see results, and these assignments give you the push you need.

All About Your Training Guides
 Guide 1: Growing Your Targeted List

There are so many list building tactics out there and you may have dabbled in some with mixed results.

Unfortunately, some opportunities definitely grow your list quickly, but then you end up riddled with spam complaints and get stuck with an unresponsive list. We're going to focus on the most targeted methods that help ensure you have interested people on your list.

Just a few of the things covered in guide 1:

  • 2 overriding principles that will keep you focused on growing the most responsive list possible.

  • 9 key list building tools and how to use them.

  • 13 easy-to-use promotional methods to get your business seen.

Leaving you with plenty of opportunities and ideas to get more interested people on your list. Now that you have the list, you have to get to know them. That's all covered in...

 Guide 2: Knowing EXACTLY What Your List Wants

By building a targeted list with the techniques we talked about in Guide 1, you have laid a good foundation for begin able to gain a deep understanding of your subscribers. 

This guide, will help you through even more easy-to-apply strategies for delivering what your most responsive subscribers want.

Here's a peek inside:

  • 3 keys to understanding your list that will help you market to them for years to come (HINT: What your list responds to today, may not be what they're interested in tomorrow...but this lesson will show you how to keep up with those changes).

  • Applying target market and UEP (Unique Emailing Position) concepts to your email marketing for boosted response.

  • Your "Understanding Tool Set" that contains 12 important tools to help you gain insight into what your list wants to know and buy.

  • How to hone your observation skills, allowing you to deeper understand what makes your subscribers tick

Now that you know what they want, it's time to deliver it...

Guide 3: Communicating & Selling for Best Results

You probably have a mailing list because you want to make money (right?), but the funny thing is that so many list owners are shy about selling. That makes the making money part a challenge, doesn't it?

In this guide, I'm going to show you how to improve your communication and make selling to your list a more natural process. In fact, your readers just might thank you for selling GOOD stuff to them.

Here's some of what you can expect:

  • Formatting your newsletter for best results. Yes, how you put your emails together has a huge bearing on the results you'll receive.

  • Why the traditional ezine is too much work without enough profit.

  • How to get your readers to OPEN your emails (that's the BIGGEST battle) and then take action.
  • HTML or text? Things to consider and how to decide what's best for your email marketing.

  • Discovering the best frequency for your mailings.

  • Establishing and keeping credibility with your subscribers.

  • What to send to your list...everything from crafting your content to making offers.

  • How to avoid the freebie trap. Every entrepreneur fears if they give too much free, no one will buy. Learn how to give plenty of free stuff that encourages your readers to buy even more

After reading this guide, you'll be ready to roll with your email marketing, but to keep things going, let's talk about...

Guide 4: Growing with Your List & Keeping the Profits Momentum

Learn best practices to keep things going long after you've completed all the guides. Plan a strategy to streamline your email marketing process, easily come up with ongoing topics and products to share with your list and more.

The main goal of this guide is to help you establish a regular and profitable routine that is easy to maintain.

Some of the things we talk about include:

  • How to keep your email marketing simple (and profitable), so you don't reach burn out or run out of ideas.

  • Re-purposing your content for maximum results. You've put in all this hard work into your emails. Learn how to keep them making money for you, long into the future.

  • A checklist of activities to focus on, so you never say, "I don't know what to do next!"

The real truth is, email marketing doesn't have to be hard or complicated. You just have the streamlined systems in place to maximize your profits. This guide will help you do that.

When You Check Out the Course You Are Automatically Backed By The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I don't want you to ever worry about purchasing a product from me. Certainly, I take care to deliver the best information and put it into an easy-to-follow system -- but I want you know this...

Full 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Order my Email Marketing course today and take up to a full 30 days to evaluate and put the training and to work. If you’re not able to improve your email marketing – just tell us and I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. 

Consider it your 30-day trial period to discover that well-constructed and highly-targeted email marketing can bring a big boost to your business.


But before you decide, have a look at these great extras that come With your Email Marketing course, at no extra charge...

BONUSES To Boost Your
Email Marketing

Once you place your secure order, you will have access to the following extra goodies:

BONUS #1 ($37.00 value): Checklists, Idea Sheets, Yearly Email Planner

This course is all about taking action and that's what I want you to take. Action is what is going to help you change your business, which is why I've included these handy and printable checklists, idea brainstorming sheets, and yearly email planner.
    • List Building Checklist: This easy-to-reference printable sheet will keep you on task when it comes to building your list.

    • Market Study Checklist: Stay on top of who your market is, what makes them tick, what they buy and why they'd want to buy from you.

    • 24 Ideas for Endless Email Topics: A reference sheet to help you plan your own mailing list content.

    • Content Ideas Brainstorming Sheet: Plan ahead to ensure you're maximizing the profit potential of your email marketing.

    • Offer Ideas Brainstorming Sheet: To help you find plenty of products and opportunities to make money from you list, even if you don't have any of your own products.

    • Yearly Email Planner: Groom your list by making a plan to craft your content around your product promotions.

    • Email Formatting Checklist: A quick-reference sheet to ensure you don't skip any of the important steps.

BONUS #2 ($17.00 value): Opt-in Template

If you need some help getting your sign up copy on a web page, I've made it easy with my fully customizable opt-in template that and can be used in any web page editor.

I also provide you with complete, step-by-step instructions to guide you through it.

No matter your level of experience, you can easily put your opt-in page together.

Becoming a successful email marketer doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and patience to learn how to grow, understand, and profit from your mailing list.

It's one thing to get the information and tools you need to build and improve your online business, taking action is quite another. That's why I've just opened up a brand new private email marketing discussion area. You'll find new discussions about the materials. You'll also find opportunities to share your action plans and stay accountable to sticking with your goals.

And don't worry, you don't have to do everything at once. You'll have access to download and view all the resources 24/7. Just take it one step at a time to make big changes for your online business.

Go ahead, start making a difference for your business by grabbing your Email Marketing course immediately...

Yes Sharon, I Can't Wait To Get Started!

I'm ready to start growing my targeted list and bringing in more profits from my email marketing.

I understand this Email Marketing Course includes:

  • 4 Succinct and Easy-to-Follow Training Guides that will help you start making big changes in your email marketing.

  • 4 Practical Assignments: To help you immediately apply what you learn to your business.

  • Bonus Checklists, Idea Sheets, and Yearly Email Planner: These easy-to-reference printables will keep you on task when it comes to building your list, and help you take that all important action step.

  • Bonus Opt-in Template & Complete Instructions: A fully customizable opt-in page template to help you start building targeted lists.

I understand that if I order today, I can take advantage of the low price of $27.95.

Just $27.95 can potentially save you hundreds of dollars making costly email marketing mistakes. Let this Email Marketing course put you on the right track to transforming your stale (or non-existent) mailing list into a steadily growing, profit-producing, easy-to-manage asset for your online business.

The time to really invest in your business is now...

So let's get ready for practical, hands-on guidance to simplify and amplify your email marketing...all at the same time:

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If it's time to stop struggling and working too hard to eek profits from your mailing list, let me show how to get out of this trap. Let's grow that list, reduce your workload and boost your profits.

Take care,


P.S. Website traffic comes and goes, but an opt-in list can be an important long-lasting asset to your online business. Don't let another day go by without reaping the benefits of that asset.