Success Secret 2:
Don't Complain

If You Want To Be Successful Then Don't Complain

Successful people don't waste their precious time moaning.

“The tendency to whining and complaining may be taken as the surest sign symptom of little souls and inferior intellects."

- Lord Jeffrey
Life is so unfair sometimes isn't it?

No wonder you complain! After all your complaining is justified - right?

However, people who understand how the law of attraction reallyworks don't complain because they know that complaining only attracts more of what they don't want.

  • reacting negatively is natural and OK. It just means you need to move on - not complain.
  • complaining is not the same as constructive criticism or making people aware of an issue they may not know about.
  • nagging, gossiping, being overcritical and being hard to please are all variants of complaining as far as I'm concerned.

5 Reasons To Stop Complaining

  1. Complaining doesn't solve the problem.

    Use your energy looking for a solution instead of focussing on the problem. Complaining gives the problem oxygen to keep growing.

  2. Complaining is infectious and addictive.

    If you'd like to be surrounded by whingy, whiny, complaining no hopers then keep complaining because you'll attract them like moths to a light.

  3. Complaining suffocates creativity.

    Complaining creates an atmosphere of helplessness. Why would anyone bother trying to create something new if it's only going to get shot down in flames because, as with anything new, it's not perfect.

  4. Complaining gives an illusion of action.

    Complaining keeps you stuck. It helps you feel better in the moment but in reality you're getting nowhere.

  5. Complaining repels the right people and circumstances to help solve the problem.

    Obviously you're complaining because you're not happy with something and wish it would change. However, if you don't complain you'll soon notice solutions and help all around you. You would probably describe it as coincidence.

Don't Complain. No Good Comes From It!

My mum was a very caring person. She would get upset and angry about the glaring injustices in our society and the unfairness of it all. She was plagued with health problems and didn't have a lot of money so could do very little to change things although what she could do she did do.

That should have been enough, but no. She continued her anger and got to the point where she stopped noticing the many, many things surrounding her that were good.

Her complaints, although largely justified and valid, did no good whatsoever and prevented her from spending her remaining days just enjoying what was good.

Complaining is like thrashing around in the middle of a swimming pool not getting anywhere, keeps you stuck in the past, prevents abundance, prosperity and success revealing themselves to you and ensures your continuing unhappiness.

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Don't Complain Affirmations

  • My focus is on issues I can control.
  • Complaining distracts me from all that is good about my life.
  • I get really excited about the opportunities in my future.
  • When I complain I invite more of what I don't want into my life.

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