Does the law of attraction mean we should blame the victims?

by Deirdre

One of my friends had her house broken in to the other night while her and her family were sleeping. The intruder got in through an unlocked garage door. Luckily the husband woke up and chased the intruder away.

She believes in the law of attraction etc but can't see how she attracted this situation.

  • Sharon's Reply

    A quick search on the internet shows me many people struggle with the same issue Deirdre.

    In short the answer to your question is a resounding no.

    The law of attraction is about focussing on what you want to attract into your life and then "imagining" you already have it. The feelings generated from imagining it's already yours AND the focus on what you want makes you notice opportunities that lead you toward the attainment of what you want. You must then act upon the opportunities as they are presented.

    Of course, the vast majority of people don't deliberately try to master the law of attraction in this way and end up becoming a slave to their feelings.

    In regard to your friend I think it's more about taking responsibility. I don't mean that she is to blame for the intruder - the blame lies with the intruder 100%. However, if she takes responsibility she cannot be a victim and the power lies with her. In other words she can take responsibility for the garage door being unlocked.

    If she doesn't take responsibility and chooses to be a victim she runs the risk of feeling insecure in her own home which in turn will generate feelings which will be unhelpful for her attracting what she wants.

    As far as the intruder goes his dominant feeling was probably one of lack which drives him to steal because he doesn't believe that he is more than capable of earning much much more than he could ever steal from anyone.

    Hope that answers your question. Maybe other readers will have other opinions.

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Mar 05, 2011
We attract EVERYTHING we get
by: Ian Robinson

The victims are ALWAYS to blame. If something untoward happens in someones life it is pure and simple - they have attracted it (knowingly or unknowingly depending on what they are turning their thoughts to day by day). It is absolutely imperative that we all seek to think the very best in thoughts (always end a sentence or a thought with a positive otherwise you are depositing an invitation to the universe to send you something negative). Be happy and don't sweat the small stuff.

Dec 05, 2011
Victims NOT to blame
by: Anonymous

Years gone by, people would go to a witch to perform a magic spell to make a desired event happen. Now, people go to a law of attraction seminar, or buy a book about it. There is no difference; law of attraction is just modernised, updated version of magic marketed for Westerners. It is the perfect scam. Any naturally occurring good event is credited to the power of the law of attraction and any bad event occurring is not taken as evidence of it being nonsense, but is simply blamed on the victim not believing enough. The proponents of this law are getting very rich. Many vulnerable people are being exploited. It is ridiculous to suggest that victims are to blame for their misfortune, babies being born with disabilities, are they to blame for this??? Someone with learning disabilities or mental health problems would not have the capabilities to even comprehend or evaluate such an idea as law of attraction, do you still blame them for their situation?. Also, interestingly, what about animal cruelty, sentient animals suffer cruelty and distress, obviously law of attraction doesn’t apply in their case. There is no logic or ethics to this “philosophy” and it distracts people from working on acquiring the skills they need to change their lives for the better. It also removes all responsibility for punishing and stopping those people who hurt others and allowing them to carry on to hurt even more people by placing responsibility on the victim instead of focusing on catching, punishing or rehabilitating the perpetrator.

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