Success Secret 4:
Change Beliefs

If You Want To Be Successful Then Change Beliefs To Ones That Are Helpful

Successful people choose beliefs that are supportive, not destructive.

“You can have anything you want if you will give up the belief that you can't have it"

- Dr Robert Anthony
Your beliefs are filters through which you view reality. They give meaning to events and/or things that have no meaning.

This explains why you and I could watch the exact same event and come up with two completely different interpretations of the event.

A common thing that people give all sorts of meaning too is money.

  • events have no inherent meaning except for the meaning we give them.
  • money has no meaning except for the meaning we give it. It is merely a convenient form of exchange.
  • many of your beliefs weren't even chosen by you! They were programmed into you in childhood unwittingly by people who had influence over you as a child (parents, teachers etc.
  • your beliefs will either help or hinder you in life. You may as well change beliefs if your current beliefs are holding you back.
  • a belief, while it feels true to you is not necessarily the truth. It is merely your opinion.
  • any discontent or unhappiness in your life is more than likely because of a deeply held belief you have about yourself or your situation eg that you're not important or that you're not worthy.
  • the question is not whether your beliefs are right or wrong, but whether or not they serve your best interests.

5 Tools To Change Beliefs

  1. Hypnosis

    Hypnosis works directly with your subconscious which is why it is so effective. You can go to a hypnotherapist or try self hypnosis if you'd rather do it from the comfort of your own home.

  2. Emotional Freedom Techniques(EFT)

    This is tapping on certain points in your body while repeating certain phrases. Many people have experienced profound changes using EFT.

  3. Affirmations

    Repeating over and over what you want to be true about yourself and at the same time imagining how'd you'd be feeling if it was true. They feel uncomfortable at first because, in your eyes, what you're telling yourself is a lie. But stick at it! They are an extremely effective and free (gotta love that!) tool for change.

  4. Visualisation

    Regularly visualise your life as it would be if you had what you want. For instance, if you want more money visualise yourself enjoying all the things you could buy or the lives you could make easier by sharing some of your money. If you want better health imagine yourself enjoying the things you can't do now because of your poor health.

  5. Seek Inspiration

    Read inspirational books such as autobiographies or self help books. Find inspirational quotes, print them and hang them on your fridge or in your office - wherever you'll see them frequently.

Change Beliefs To Change Your Life

It can be difficult to see how your beliefs can be holding you back because most of the time you are operating on automatic pilot responding to situations giving no conscious thought to what you are doing. (And so do we all, no need to get offended.)

The issue is that your automatic responses are determined by your subconscious beliefs. The responses you choose will then manifest results that are congruent with your beliefs.

To illustrate this let me give an example.

Most people hold the belief that I have to work hard to make money. They then wonder why they never have enough money despite the fact they work hard. The problem is they can never work hard enough to generate all the money they want.

What if they changed their belief to something like money works hard for me. They'd start thinking about saving and investing the money they do have so that they can have more money for no more effort on their part.

You see, it's not that people don't know about saving and investing. Most probably are aware of property, the share market and business as wealth creation tools. The issue is they don't believe it can work for them.

Of course it's not only around the issue of money where people hold unhelpful beliefs. Other examples are:

  • weight loss. The main reason people don't lose weight is because they don't believe they can.

    They start off eating OK and exercising regularly and then overindulge one weekend.

    What do they do then?

    Instead of doing what they should which is to get back on track with their eating and exercise they declare to the world they've failed and one weekend of overindulgence becomes an every day occurrence once again.

  • relationships. People may change partners but the same issues keep appearing in different relationships.

    Even more tragically many people, women in particular, stay with an abusive partner because they believe the abuse is somehow justified.

If you're struggling to achieve something you really want it could be that you are self sabotaging the happiness headed your way because it's not congruent with one or many of your deeply help beliefs. Change beliefs to those that are helpful to you.

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