Success Secret 9:
Be Generous

If You Want Be Successful Then Be Generous

Successful people are generous sharing what they have willingly.

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave."

- Calvin Coolidge

A generous spirit will always receive much more than it gives - although not necessarily from the obvious sources.

When you give in the expectation that the receiver is obligated to give something back to you you have just created a contract, business deal or even an insurance policy; you have not been generous.

  • being generous means to give something without any expectation of ever receiving it back
  • it would usually be impossible for the receiver to ever be in a position to pay you back
  • the reward for generosity is a grateful heart that pays your generosity forward by being generous to others

5 Reasons People Don't Want To Be Generous

  1. Don't want to be taken advantage of.

    You can choose who to be generous too. There's no need to throw good money after bad or give time to people who sap the very life from you - that's not being generous - that's being taken advantage of and should be avoided at all costs.

  2. Have a lack mindset instead of an abundant mindset.

    Only ever give what you can. Being generous is not intended to disadvantage you in the least. Be generous with your kind, loving thoughts or take some time to spend with someone who is doing it tough at the moment. Anybody, including you, has within them the power to make the world a better place.

  3. Feel they have nothing that anyone would want.

    Yes you do. You may need to consider that you could have a self confidence or self esteem issue if you can't think of something that would make someone else's life a little better - even if it's a bit of advice. I'm not a believer of offering unsolicited advice, but if you search for forums on the internet you'll find plenty of people wanting advice on all different topics. May be you could help them.

  4. Believe that no one deserves their generosity.

    Who are you to decide who deserves anything? You don't know traumas people have experienced, you don't know the difficulties they may be trying to overcome.

  5. Don't see how they'll be repaid.

    In some instances expecting tit for tat is perfectly legitimate. However, don't deprive yourself of the truly rewarding experience of giving with the full understanding, knowledge and acceptance of never, ever being repaid. Go and do it to see how good it really feels to give to someone for no other reason than you can.

Generosity And Gratitude Create Abundance

Being generous is meant to make you feel good about yourself although it may be uncomfortable and difficult at times (eg comforting someone who is grief stricken).

If it's not making you feel good about yourself then stop because something is not quite right. Who knows, maybe it doesn't feel right because you're inadvertently contributing to something illegal or immoral, or perhaps you're being taken advantage of. Either way, you need to stop.

The reward for generosity is gratitude which creates a circle of abundance flowing freely around the circle. As you be generous to someone they in turn feel gratitude which then predisposes them to be generous in return (although not necessarily to you because you may not need what they currently have to give).

This imaginary flow of abundance is stopped by resistance. Resistance is experienced by the givers when they are giving but don't really want to be giving. Resistance can also be experienced by the receivers when they won't accept the generosity of others.

This means that to be a good giver you must also be a good receiver. You see, many people are good givers and yet when someone tries to give to them they push it away because on some deep level they feel the don't deserve it.

The problem with giving and not receiving in return is that you'll eventually burn out and the abundance flow will stop right at your feet.

If others can't give to you then you can give to yourself by showing yourself the same compassion you show to others or taking time out to do something for yourself.

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Be Generous Affirmations

  • I share my time freely with people I love.
  • I have a generous spirit.
  • I give generously to charity.
  • I happily share what I have with everyone.
  • My generosity is returned many times over.
  • I feel pleasure when I'm sharing.
  • I give without expecting anything in return.

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