Affirmations don't do what you say they do!!!!

by Anon

I know what you say about affirmations are a lie and it's ridiculous to think otherwise. After all I want to be an astronaut. Ha ha self help queen, your an idiot!

Self Help Queen Says
  • I'm guessing you thought I wouldn't publish this didn't you?

    Affirmations DO work. Even your affirmation "I WANT to be an astronaut." is working beautifully for you...(You may have to think hard about that.)

    Because you posted anonymously I have no way of knowing whether you have subscribed to Hooked on Happiness and downloaded my free affirmation ebook, but I'm assuming you haven't because not only are you using your affirmation incorrectly (unless you're happy just wanting...) you seem to misunderstand exactly what affirmations do.

    Get your free affirmation ebook here and then you can criticise based on what I've actually said in the ebook.

    Would love it if you posted again.


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