Affirmation: When I am with my children, my full attention is with them.

by Sharon

Each moment with my children is special and I am fully present when I am with them.

I am a focused parent who is physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually present in every moment with my children. I offer the gift of my full attention, and I am able to notice subtle changes that happen every day as they learn and grow.

The freckles that appear in larger numbers every day, the hair that is stretching closer and closer to my child's eyes: these are engraved upon my mind. I am aware of the smell of their hair when they are fresh from their baths, as well as the outdoor smell they carry when they come in from playing.

There is only one moment with my children – the moment that I am in right now.
I am fully with them in this moment. My body holds them on my lap, my mind is engaged in conversation with them and I listen to their every word. In each moment with my children, my spirit soars.

Today I choose to be present and fully aware of my children. My busy schedule can be put on hold because when I am with my children, I give them my all. I treasure each moment with them as if it were a gift, because they are truly priceless.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I given my attention to my children today?
2. Was my attention divided when they were with me?
3. Have I become fully present in each moment I am with my children?

When I Am With My Children, My Full Attention is With Them

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