Affirmation Myth Exposed

Now just before I expose this damaging affirmation myth let me tell you something really powerful about affirmations.

They don't have to be true!

I've proclaimed myself, somewhat cheekily, as The Affirmation Angel for heaven's sake. What is an affirmation angel anyway? It's just something I've affirmed that I am.

Look obviously I believe that I have a valid claim to the title. You can see why by clicking here.

And you can do something similar for yourself. Maybe not something quite as bold to start with, after all I have done the hard yards.

You can be as bold as you dare, but the affirmation must feel right for you.

On page 3 of Discover The Power Of Affirmations for Yourself you'll learn how to create an affirmation that'll work for you and set you on the path to where you want to go.

What Is The Affirmation Myth?

The common definition of an affirmation is: "something you want to be true stated as though it's already true".

And that's absolutely true when you use affirmations for your personal development.

However, personal development is not the only time we use affirmations.

The myth is that affirmations are only used for our personal development. Very few people understand that they can just as easily be used for your self destruction.

You see affirmations are statements that are true for us at any given time and can be positive or negative.

And, unfortunately, the negative ones rear their ugly heads at the most inopportune moments.

This is why someone who is usually confident and self assured in comfortable situations can turn into a blithering idiot in situations where they feel uncomfortable.

You see, out of nowhere self talk turns to "I'm not good enough." "I have nothing interesting to say." "These people know a lot more than I do." blah blah blah

But it is in these situations we grow into bigger and better versions of ourselves.

So rather than avoid uncomfortable situations and limiting our self growth we'd be better served arming ourselves with positive affirmations to counteract the negative affirmations when they inevitably rear their ugly heads.

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