Affirmation: My memory is sharp.

I have a great memory. I am able to learn new information, recall old details, and memorize data. I take care of my body in order to maintain my memory in good health.

I eat nutritious foods that promote healthy brain development. The foods I feed my body help me improve my attention span. I get enough sleep for my body to function properly. Eating a healthy diet and getting enough rest is a requirement for me to stay alert.

When I am learning new material, I make sure that I understand it rather than just memorize it. I use mnemonic devices, rhymes, and acronyms to assist me when recalling information.

I engage my senses by using pictures, scents, and musical cues to aid in memorization. I use crossword puzzles, number puzzles, and brainteaser games to test my memory and keep it sharp.

When I want to remember a detail such as someone's name, I repeat it to myself over and over and say it out loud in conversation. I link the name to the person's face to ensure that I memorize it.

I can recall the events of previous days, months, and years. I am able to remember where I put small items. I can easily locate my keys, cell phone, and wallet by paying attention to what I do and making mental notes of events.

Today, I choose to strengthen my memory by taking care of my brain. I breathe deeply to allow sufficient oxygen to flow to my brain, maximizing its capacity.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How can I exercise my brain?
2. What strategies can I use to remember information?
3. Are my eating habits promoting good mental health?

My Memory is Sharp

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