Affirmation: I savor each moment of each day.

by Sharon

I savor the moments that fill my life because each day is only lived once. My life is composed of special moments that are unique.

Being mindful of the gift of time helps me live a rich life. Choosing to be conscious of each precious moment that passes fills me with sweet joy.

My life is overflowing with beautiful moments - playing with a child, embracing a loved one, reading a good book, chatting with friends, doing well in my career, spending time with my family, or resting after a long day’s work. I am grateful for each moment.

Each day is an opportunity for me to enjoy my life. Realizing the value of every moment allows me to relish all the joys in my life. After all, a good experience can stay with me as long as I remember it.

Knowing that I am creating good memories - and that I will be able to look back on these experiences with laughter, fondness, and joy - makes each moment even more precious. I look at these memories as wonderful gifts to my future self.

The opportunity to live these moments is gone forever once the day has passed. It is important to rejoice in all the moments of my day. Today, and every day after, I will savor each moment in my life.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I savor each moment of each day?
2. Am I mindful that each day I have an opportunity to enjoy life?
3. How can I create a good moment today so that I may gift my future self with a beautiful memory?

I Savor Each Moment of Each Day

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