Affirmation: I let go of frustrations and enjoy the ability to love unconditionally.

by Sharon

I embrace the ability to love without expectations and conditions. My relationships are important to me, and I keep them strong by accepting my friends and family for who they are. I let go of unrealistic expectations for my friends and family. They are who they are, I am who I am, and we are who we are together. This is simple and I accept my unconditional love for them and from them.

I am able to love my family and friends without them doing anything special. No one needs to earn my love.

I am able to love my family and friends even if our beliefs differ. No one needs to share my beliefs to have my love.

I am able to love my family and friends no matter what they outwardly portray. No one needs to impress his or her way to my heart.

I fully accept the unconditional love I receive in my relationships. I am loved without earning love. I am loved without sacrificing my beliefs. I am loved even when I am a mess. I fully accept receiving and giving unconditional love.

Today I will let go of obstacles that get in the way of accepting and offering unconditional love. I will enjoy my relationships for what they are, and I will love no matter what.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Have I let frustrations and other obstacles get in the way of loving unconditionally?
2. Have I held expectations before extending love?
3. Have I accepted the love of others?

I Let Go of Frustrations and Enjoy the Ability to Love Unconditionally

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