Affirmation: I am discovering the beautiful person inside of me.

by Sharon

I give myself uninterrupted time to focus on building myself up. Quiet time is where self-affirmation begins. I turn off my cell phone, laptop, and all other electronic devices that constantly tug at my attention, so I can focus on how I feel inside.

To discover my inner beauty, I am getting to know myself right at the core. I clear my mind through prayer and meditation. Coming face to face with my deepest thoughts helps me to reflect on who I really am.

When I close my eyes and shut off my brain, I focus with intensity. I reach deep down for the things about myself that I love. I push away any negative self-images and disapproving thoughts. I choose to see only the beautiful characteristics inside.

In my mind, I have a list of the things I love about myself. From the joy in my laugh to my generosity toward the less fortunate, I am aware of my beautiful qualities. I keep that list at the forefront of my thoughts.

Any time I feel the urge to criticize myself, I recall my list of admirable traits. Reminding myself of all that is good within me helps me fight the urge to bash myself when I make a simple mistake.

Today, I choose to spend quiet time with myself building a list of my positive traits. The more time I spend with myself, the more I discover the beautiful person inside of me who deserves to be acknowledged.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. When can I schedule alone time to discover myself?
2. What can I do today to get to know myself better?
3. What changes can I make to my inner dialogue in order to build myself up?

I Am Discovering the Beautiful Person Inside of Me

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