Affirmation: I am channeling my energy into "prosperity thinking" and the result is greater productivity.

by Sharon

I envision myself as a winner. When I picture myself debt free and on top of my finances, I am able to do whatever it takes to get me there. My accounts are clear. My debts are paid. Those mental images motivate me to work harder than I ever have worked so I can achieve my goals.

I have something to aspire to when I paint mental pictures of victory. I work harder when I envision myself more prosperous. My thoughts involve visualizing myself in a better place than I am today.

I visualize my career taking flight. I visualize my investments going through the roof. I see myself surrounded by healthy relationships. When I see myself this way and my dreams are clear in my mind, I am eager to help myself achieve my dreams.

All my energy is focused on the thought of being in the better place that I deserve. I do not waste my energy fretting about shortcomings and mistakes. Ambition helps me to press on in my work.

I am amazed at how focused my work is when I am working toward a goal. My work is marked by a high rate of productivity when all my energy goes toward positive thinking. In turn, I am capable of finishing my work ahead of schedule and exceeding expectations.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What kind of thinking do I spend my energy on?
2. How do my thoughts motivate me to achieve more?
3. What is my vision for my own future?

I Am Channeling My Energy Into Prosperity Thinking and the Result is Greater Productivity

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