Affirmation: Conviction is my friend. Indifference is my foe.

by Sharon

My beliefs are part of what makes me who I am. My resolve is not swayed by wavering thoughts because my impassioned conviction makes me strong. I am a confident person!

Deep within me, I know what is right for me; I pay attention to these feelings because they help guide me on my path. Doubt cannot shake me because of my internal knowledge of what is right and true. When I feel unbalanced in my beliefs and doubt creeps into my mind, I can go deep within myself through prayer and self-reflection, and I can find truth.

My convictions may not always be the same, but that is because I am fully open to growth. When I listen to the voice of reason within me, I can feel confident about where I am in my life.

Although my beliefs may be different from others, I remain strong in my resolve. I choose not to be closed to new thoughts or possibilities that may strengthen me as a human person – I always will strive to remain open-minded. However, I know – by the gift of discernment – what is right for me and I will live accordingly. I will embrace what is right for me and I will not waste time dwelling on what is not.

Today, I choose to go deep within myself to seek truth, especially when I feel uncertainty, doubt, or indifference. Indifference is not a part of me because I am strong and I am confident and my conviction makes me who I am.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How have my beliefs been different from those around me?
2. How has my firm conviction made me stronger?
3. Have I been listening to that voice of truth within me?

Conviction is My Friend. Indifference is My Foe

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