Affirmation: Change is my friend. It is a gentle reminder that there are greater things in store for me.

by Sharon

I am comfortable with change. Although I enjoy stability, I appreciate the excitement that comes from venturing out to try something new. I am easily bored when I am stuck in the rut of the familiar. Change keeps me fresh.

My life benefits from change because I can grow and stretch. Change opens my eyes and expands my vision to see things I didn't see before.

Change keeps me on my toes, waiting in excited anticipation for what is going to happen next. I choose not to close my eyes because I will miss something. My eyes are open to many wonderful things when I look for change.

Change acts as a driving force and helps keep me moving ahead. Trying new experiences and strategies helps me move faster because I am more motivated.

I am able to tackle greater challenges that I otherwise never would attempt were it not for change. Change is an indicator that I am on my way to reaching my goals. Change helps me see the larger scope of work for me.

My impact on the world is much greater when I embrace change. I find I have a higher purpose and calling that involves getting out of my comfort zone and stepping up to the plate.

The course of my life changes as my abilities increase and I attempt new challenges that meet my new abilities.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I embrace change?
2. Are there things in my life that are crying for change?
3. How has change helped me grow in the past five years?

Change is My Friend - It is a Gentle Reminder That There Are Greater Things in Store for Me

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