A Quick Lesson In Affirmations From Muhammad Ali

In case you've never heard of Muhammad Ali he was a great American professional boxer.

Muhammad Ali:

  • defeated every top heavy-weight boxer of his era

  • named "Fighter of The Year" more times than any other fighter by Rings Magazine

  • had a street renamed from Walnut Street to Muhammad Ali Boulevard in Kentucky

  • had 56 WINS out of a total of 61 fights

  • Nicknamed "The Greatest"

Now this is all very impressive but perhaps you're like me and not the slightest bit interested in boxing so let me get to the point.

Muhammad Ali is quoted as saying "I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was."

Do you see how he told himself "I am the greatest." which is an affirmation? Eventually the affirmation became a reality, so much so that The Greatest became his nickname.

Try telling Muhammad Ali that affirmations don't work!

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