A Happiness Tip I Learned From Jordan Belfort AKA The Wolf Of Wall Street

by Sharon

Jordan Belfort teaches people how to be entrepreneurs and, as a very welcome side effect, make massive amounts of money.

I attended a short webinar this morning where he was interviewed about what skills someone MUST have in order to make millions upon millions of dollars.

Without hesitation he said the number 1 skill required is the ability to influence and persuade which also happens to be one of my success secrets for a happy life.

However, there was one question he was asked where his answer really hit me hard because I realised it also pertained to happiness.

The question was something along the lines of

  • "When you first got out of jail and you were broke what was your mindset? What were you thinking? How were you thinking".

Jordan's answer was essentially (yes I am paraphrasing)
  • "I never allowed myself to believe I couldn't become a millionaire again. I thought like a millionaire and behaved like a millionaire while scanning the horizon for opportunities to come along.

    I believed I was a millionaire BEFORE the money manifested."

Whether or not it's one of your desires to make lots of money in your lifetime you can take what Jordan said and learn from it anyway.

My takeaway nugget from Jordan was that true happiness will never manifest as a result of some external event. Happiness is part of your internal world and while it's true that external events will cause you to feel happy or sad in the moment real happiness only occurs within.

The irony is that happiness begets happiness which means if you're happy you'll find more reasons to be happy. The flip side is that sadness begets sadness which means if you're sad you'll find more reasons to be sad.

Either way, the universe tends to rearrange itself to suit your reality. As within, so without.

Anyway, if you haven't read The Wolf of Wall Street you've missed out on a great read. It's funny, it's unbelievable and it's sad but it was Jordan's reality. I recommend you read it because it's very entertaining.

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